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…we bought a 99¢ bag of overripe bananas from the discount shelf at our grocery store and it yielded 2 banana loaves, one pan of banana squares, one pan of banana nut bars and 4 banana smoothies (my single-serving smoothie recipe: cup of plain yogurt, touch of apple juice, mushy bananas, teaspoon of just peanuts peanut butter–liquify in a blender or “bullet”).

The kids helped in the kitchen, they especially enjoyed squashing the bananas for the baking recipes.

Here’s the recipe for the banana loaf–fool proof three times in my kitchen. (Felt great to share some of the warm loaf with my neighbour who had a baby six weeks ago):

Here are a couple of other banana recipes I’m going to try  from one of my fave sites:

and this one too:

Got any banana recipes to share? We’re a banana-loving house looking for more suggestions!



Comments on: "No bananas growing in our garden but…" (3)

  1. My favourite banana bread recipe is this one from Epicurious–I substitute dates for the chocolate chips.

  2. PS Love the shots of your sous-chef sampling the banana recipes!

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